Hauptwerk Software


Hauptwerk - Free, Basic and Advanced Editions:

  • Perform on historic instruments
  • Baroque, Classical, Symphonic, Theater
  • Life-like instrument modeling
  • 30 stop symphonic organ included
  • Pitch & temperament controls
  • Add up to 512 audio channels
  • Intelligent combination system
  • MIDI record/playback. Audio recording
  • VST and AU plug-in links
  • Pipe voicing controls

and much more...






Polyphony limit 256 1024 32768
Audio output Mono/Stereo Mono/Stereo Up to 512 Channels
Max Bit/Sample rate 16-bit/96kHz 32-bit/96kHz 32-bit/96kHz
Max memory 1,5GB 3GB Unlimited
MIDI output Yes Yes Yes
PC and Mac Yes Yes Yes
VST/AU Plug-in link Yes Yes Yes
64-bit support Yes Yes Yes
USB key1 No Yes Yes
Tech support No Yes Yes
Per-pipe voicing No No Yes
Multi-monitor No No Yes
Wind model No No Yes
Piston toolbars 1 per display 1 per display 4 per display
Delivery method Download | DVD Boxed Product Boxed Product