About us

Magnus Virtual Organ Builder is a producer of top class virtual organs. 

Using a software solution, it is the next generation after analog and digital organs representing a revolution in reproducing real organ sound. You can really feel like you are playing the organs in Freiberg, Caen, Zwolle or Krzeszów... 
Do you want a table type console with screens? No problem!
Do you want a traditional yet compact console with wooden rocker tabs? No problem!
Do you want a more substantial console with drawknobs? No problem!
Do you want an organ with the incredible sound of Hauptwerk, but with the ease of use like a traditional organ? No problem!
We also produce beautiful pipe facades that offer great visual enhancement.
So if you want an instrument that sounds, feels, and looks like a pipe organ but costs the same as a digital, look no further!

What ever you are looking for in an organ, we can help make it happen.